The Author

A slightly misanthropic curmudgeon with an infrequent penchant for dark humor, George Berger has perpetrated a body of genre-defying fiction that stands as mute and terrifying testimony to the triumph of emotion over reason.

His first novel, Mendacities, is a dystopian adventure novel praised by reviewers for its “wry and authentic voice”, “worst title ever”, and “arty-farty pretentious” cover. Following its underwhelming non-success, he released a quirky almost-romantic novella, Stanley And His Sword, which received heady praise for its not-quite erotica sex scenes and unusually sympathetic depiction of ninjas.

His second novel, Without A Spark, was released in October 2011. Drawing on his real-life experience as an occasional domestic terrorism suspect (it was all a misunderstanding… honest), it’s a gripping thriller about life, love, and ecoterrorism. His third novel was a well-received romance novel—no, really—and then there are all the various novellas and short stories…

When not writing books that next-to-nobody actually reads, he serves as a freelance information analyst, tinkers with mostly vintage computers, thwarts terrorism, collects books, and thinks up exciting but untrue things to add to his various biographies. He is owned by a cat, rides an antique bicycle, and likes to cook.

George maintains a popular blog that has almost nothing to do with writing or publishing, and can be found on Twitter, should that be your kind of thing.

If you’d like to mail him, his inbox is always open: “mendacities” at Google’s well-known five-letter email domain.