Where to Buy Without A Spark

Without A Spark is available as a shiny happy paperback book (210 pages in length), with ISBN 1466325402. The MSRP is 9.95 USD, though the retail price in your country may, unfortunately, vary widely.

It’s available on Amazon.com at this link, at Amazon.co.uk at this link, and at Barnes and Noble. Thanks to global distribution, it’s now also available for order through a substantial number of bookstores around the world, including in Japan, Norway, and Australia. Who knew? You can usually even get copies on eBay, of all places…

People in most parts of the world can order a copy from this website, who accept PayPal and offer free global shipping. For most people outside the United States, this is almost certainly the least-expensive way to get the paperback.

The paperback is distributed by CreateSpace, and should be available through major distributors such as Ingram at standard wholesale discounts.

The book is also available for the Amazon Kindle hier (amazon.de) | here (amazon.co.uk) | and here (amazon.com). Price is 2.88 USD, or Amazon’s current equivalent in Euros.

It’s available for pretty much every other e-book format at Smashwords, as well – perfect for folks with Nooks or iPads!

Nook users can also get Without A Spark direct from Barnes and Noble, and folks with Sony e-readers can get it from Sony’s website. Owners of Diesel e-readers can get it here. On iTunes or Kobo, just search for the title, and it should pop right up.