About Without A Spark

Without A Spark is a thriller-ish adventure novel that tells the story of one superficially normal college student with a lot of secrets, his deaf co-ed roommate, and the girl who he’s sort of mildly infatuated with, but who’s got secrets of her own. Together they wind up being labeled eco-terrorists and blamed for several arson attacks against a local chemical company. Being mostly innocent of these charges, they’re not too worried…until dead bodies start showing up, and their being framed for crimes they didn’t commit ceases to be a laughing matter.

Published in October 2011, it’s a 52,000-word, 210-page story of life, love, and secrets in small-town America.

About George Berger

George Berger is the author of Without A Spark, as well as the critically-acclaimed 2010 light novel Mendacities, and an array of largely humorous novellas. A fan of vintage bicycles, obsolete electronics, aging computers, and cats, he lives somewhere in the upper midwest, with several of each.