Now on Barnes and Noble!

It was bound to happen eventually—Without A Spark can now be purchased at Barnes and Noble. For a limited time, it’s even available at the discounted price of $8.95, saving you a buck. A heartwarming tale of life, love, and arson, it’d make a great holiday gift for that special college student, avid reader, or […]

Now on!

It took a few days, but folks in the U.S. now have an alternative to the PayPal pre-order promotion—you can get Without A Spark from, in paperback. To go along with that, there’s a nicely-organized page about the book over at Shelfari. As always, you can read a PDF preview here or download an […]

Paperback Copies are Now Available!

There were no issues with the paperback proof, so the book has been approved, and will become available on Amazon in a week or two. If you can’t wait that long—or just want a great deal—you can be the first person on your block to get a copy of Without A Spark, and you can […]

Got Proof? I Do!

A lovely surprise showed up at my door today – the proof copies of Without A Spark! I’m pretty sure there won’t be any problems, but I’m still going to take a day or two to go over a proof copy very carefully, just in case I missed anything. I find it vastly easier to […]