Without A Spark

Small towns sometimes hold the biggest secrets.

Kevin should know; attending college in sleepy little Mud River, he’s got plenty of secrets of his own. None of them, however, can explain why he and his co-ed roommate are being framed for ecoterrorism. Untangling that mystery would probably be easy, if his personal, professional, and love lives didn’t keep getting in the way.

He’s confident common sense and reason will prevail, and that his actual innocence will see him through. When dead bodies start turning up, however, he knows the government might well throw reason to the wind…

Without A Spark is a 210-page novel about life, love, ecoterrorism, the people who commit it—and the people who take the blame.

An excerpt of the first three chapters can be viewed here (670KB PDF file) or at this link (20KB ePub file), and you can purchase paperback copies on Amazon.com here and Amazon.co.uk here, and at B&N right here. The Kindle(TM) version can be had at this link.